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The phenomenal electro band Niels Nielsen creates wonderful atmospheric spacepop with electronic tones. Niels Nielsen has already moved through both distant, time and space since the journey started with their debut single ”Shadow Twin.The single showed us a first glance of their home world filled with darkness, decadence and tattooed trash. Second single ”Dpend” shows us that somewhere the darkness is side by side by a faint hope. Welcome to Niels Nielsen’s wonderful world of ATVID.

The debut album titled ATVID contains eight tracks in just over 36 minutes. As the recordings started a few years back it started out with guitars, bass and drums but something bigger, more analog came out of the studio powered by synthesizers. The recordings took place in Studio Hufvudstaden in Söderköping, Sweden. A studio that is responsible for almost an entire generation of new Swedish electronical artists.


The band Niels Nielsen consists of Niels Nielsen, Henric Bellinger and Anders Ristenstrand. They have already crossed the pond to play in New York, appeared in music in the MTV series ”My Life as Liz” and in the current Charlie Sheen-produced film ”She wants me ”.



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ATVID – LP/CD/Digital – 2013 Gaphals
Look into my eyes – Digital – 2013 Gaphals
Dpend – 7″/Digital – 2013 Gaphals
Shadow Twin – 7″/Digital – 2012 Gaphals
Welcome to the promising land of Hi5ers and hopeless people – CD/Digital – 2011 Saint Marie Records
Cmon Vulture pt1 – Cd-r/Digital – 2009 Cortina Collective

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