Dobermann Cult

“I think Dobermann Cult is one of the best HC bands Sweden has seen and the secret behind their success lies in blending domestic Swedish HC with 80′s and 90′s American” – One of the Birds blog


Dobermann Cult is exploading, hard and heavy hardcore. On their current third album, ”Lions share of the Dog Years” the band takes a deeper dive into their New York influenced hardcore with a Swedish melodical heritage. Dobermann Cult got a powerful sound and combines the influences from most New York Hardcore bands as the hardcore vibes from Sick of it all, the sing-a-longs from Agnostic Front, the heaviness of Cro-mags, the speed of Kill your idols and the simplicity and fury of Warzone.


“Dobermann Cult from Stockholm plays brutal and cruel hardcore that could be compared to American bands as Agnostic Front and Sick of it All” –

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Lions Share of the Dog Years LP/CD/ – 2013 Gaphals
Pray for Us – Digital – 2012 – Self Released
Cursed to be… – 2010 – CD/Digital
Fuck Your Scene, Kid Vol.2 split 7″
When the shit hit the fans CD/Digital – 2008 Massprod Rec / Big Bongo Rec

Posted by oktober 8th, 2013