Knifven is a punk rock trio who has been playing together since 2010. With an intense mix of punk  force, rattling guitars and shouted vocals they have released four singles on the record label Gaphals from Linköping (Skogen Brinner, Dalaplan, Beast, Nocturnal etc). Their third single ”Av!/Den sista jäveln” got attention from Swedish televisions blog PSL, who premiered the video for the song ”Av!”. Knifven got together in Stockholm in 2010, but all members have their root in Östergötland, were record label Gaphals have it’s base. Besides the singles ”Vaccinet/Galtbrottet”, ”Perstorp/Kliniken”, ”Av!/Den sista jäveln” and ”Smutsen/Bingo”, the band also have released the demo ”Kungariket”.

Knifven-01_foto Lucas Frisk Bergqvist

Press contact and booking:

Smutsen/Bingo – 7″/Digital – Gaphals 2013
AV!/Den sista jäveln – 7″/Digital – Gaphals 2013
Perstorp/Kliniken – 7″/Digital – Gaphals 2012
Vaccinet/Galtbrottet – 7″/Digital – Gaphals 2012
Kungariket (Demo) – Digital – DIY

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Knifven spotify: Knifven

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