Damage has since the beginning 2006 toured from Luleå in the north to Bucharest in the south, records have been released at English, Swedish and Macedonian record labels and the number of different members they have been is more than years active. Damage is exploding with songs that rarely passes two minutes and is stripped, disclosure and full of hope.

Presscontact and Booking: K@Gaphals.se

Weapons of Mass destruction – 12″/CD/Digital – 2012 Gaphals
Mindless Violence – Split 7″/Digital – 2012 Направи Заедно
Above/Below – Demo Tape – 2011 Damage Records
Energy – EP 7″ – 2011 No Front Teeth Records
Energy – EP 7″ – 2010 Eldsjäl
Our World – 12″ – 2008 Eldsjäl

Damage facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Damage/280180958689794 
Damage Spotify – DAMAGE – Weapons of Mass Destruction

Posted by oktober 17th, 2013