Class of Kill’em High is releasing the first single, Ultima Hombre, from their upcoming album. The Selftitled debut is filled with 10 tracks smelling of slacker indie rock’n’roll to be released 21st of April. The Swedes have captured the essence of the 90´s alternative rock-scene and transformed it into a timeless adventure filled with unforgettable hooks and pop melodies. 

“Just like Nirvana Class of Kill’em High succeeds to unite pop melodies with the force and attitude of rock music without compromising” – Gaffa Magazine


The album has been in the making for two years in Studio Hufvudstaden (Ghost, Maskinen, Alina Devecerski), a studio owned by guitarist and Swedish top-producer Niklas Berglöf. Mixing and mastering was done by sound engineer and audio expert Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna, Khoma, MF/MB, pg.lost) who increased the naked and exposed feeling to the songs. Angst and beauty from Markus Palloff´s vocals holds together the album and injects it with life as the rhythm section with Jesper Carlsson and Mattias Bhatt (pg.lost, Kid Wave, Eskju Divine) gives space to make this an impressing debut album.

Posted by mars 18th, 2014