Pusrad is Packe and Sveden that is earlier known for the band Raped Teenagers which was the mid 80’s swedish big punk band with anti war songs. Pusrad released their first 12″ vinyl ”Dömd” at Gaphals, with fast and short tracks with a length from 11 seconds to 35 seconds.


Press contact: K@Gaphals.se

Modern Anatomi – 2013
Dömd –
 12″/Digital – 2012 Gaphals

Smarttrams – 7″/Digital – 2012
Akta Dig– 7″/Digital – 2012

Pusrad – Dömd spotify: Pusrad – Dömd
Pusrad bandcamp: http://pusrad.bandcamp.com
Pusrad facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pusrad
Gaphals hemsida: http://www.gaphals.se
Gaphals facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Gaphals

Posted by mars 18th, 2014