Siberian – Modern Age Mausoleum

On the 1st of September SIBERIAN will release Modern Age Mausoleum
The 40 minutes long 9 track debute album holds both a swedish rawness and a progressive 
mysticism that leads to an abyssal depth of eternal gloominess. Using a metallic edge
the band transforms a cold swedish heritage of rage and frustration to an outburst 
over both society and mankind. SIBERIAN will leave its mark in Europe in September 
during a 13 day long tour. The album is released through Gaphals. 

Listen to Paragon from the upcoming album:

Earlier words about Siberian:
”…loud as fuck and come across as a more pissed off and angrier version of Mastodon.
But with a more brutal hardcore edge. Look this band just fucking rocks.
You don’t need me to tell you that.”


The album was recorded at Studio Underjord Norrköping Sweden. Engineered and mixed
by Joona Hassinen and mastered by Niels Nielsen from Dead Soul. Hassinen has previously
worked with Vanhelgd, Ocean Chief and Year of the Goat. The artwork is hand painted
by Mattias Frisk who has previously worked with Ghost B.C, Maim and Night.

In relation to the release the band will change their name to SIBERIAN. The quartet
earlier went by the name SHRINE but chooses to change it due to other bands with
similar names. Under the former name the band released an EP through german record label
”Moment of Collapse Records”, toured Germany and shared stage with bands such as
Entombed, Orange Goblin, Downfall of Gaia and Skraeckoedlan.

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Posted by maj 14th, 2014